be-HOT … because I said so

Okay, have you ever gone into GNC looking for a multivitamin and walked out with a slew of vitamins that are, according to the sales person, going to make your body a calorie burning, metabolism boosted, insanely healthy, vitamin filled super-human? Yeah, I did that about 2 years ago. I went in looking for a good multivitamin and left with $200 dollars worth of super-human fuel. I ended up never using half of the stuff and now it’s expired. What I did use was the be-HOT vitamin packs. Last week I decided to go back and get another package of them. I remembered always feeling great when I took them, so I thought I would give them another shot. This time I managed to get out with just my vitamin packs and a couple of bags of Omega-3 sugar-free citrus chews (which by the way are delicious). Boy am I glad I gave the vitamins another try! They actually do make me feel a little super human!
be-Hot Excercise Enhancing Turbopak

If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, hit a plateau or just struggle to find the energy to hit the gym after a long day, go buy the GNC WELLbeING® be-HOT™ Exercise Enhancing Turbopak. It really makes a HUGE difference. I know because I forgot to take it today. I struggled with my usual workout. I was making deals with myself just to get through my 30 minute run. My distance was significantly shorter and I felt like a mere human. Basically I will never forget to take them again!
Each Pak Includes:

  • be-Defined™- Toning & sculpting formula- this is basically just potassium, electrolytes and antioxidants. The combination of the three help to enhance athletic performance, making your workout more beneficial for your muscles. Could you probably eat a banana, electrolyte water and green tea, probably, but I think swallowing two pink pills is easier!
  • be-Energized™- Calorie burning formula- this is a mostly natural energy supplement. It’s got a lot of extracts like green tea and black pepper in it. It claims to help boost your metabolism so you burn more calories both throughout the day and during your workout. The grape seed extract also helps improve circulation. I always have cold fingers and toes so I figure circulation improvement in two orange pills can’t hurt me.
  • be-Enhanced™- Diet supporting CLA complex- This gold pill is a blend of fatty acids. You know, the ones that make your hair skin and nails awesome? Yeah, those! They also support your metabolism and provide a healthy source of energy- the good fats!
I’m not kidding when I say this vitamin pak makes my workout easier, allowing me to work harder, burn more calories and get better results for my time spent at the gym. Don’t believe me? There are well over 200 reviews on the GNC website and the product has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I may not be-Hot yet, but I certainly feel like the be-Hot vitamin paks are helping me get there!

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