“I Want To Be Dressed And Ready For It”

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs. I’ve mentioned it before, Runningonhappiness.blogspot.com.  Katie has great tutorials and a keen eye for style. Anyway… she got to do an interview with the fabulous Jeannie Mai of How Do I Look on The Style Network. It was a great interview, but one of Jeannies answers really struck me.

Image from http://iheartjeanniemai.com/

ROH: What influences your style today?
JM: My dreams influence my style today because I always aim and want to dress for five steps ahead of where I am now. For the job I want to succeed in, for the person I haven’t met yet, for that goal I want to achieve…I want to be dressed and ready for it.

Jeannie has dubbed herself a “wearapist”.  According to her website, “the title comes from her psychology of style she has calls “Wearapy”.  As a Wearapist, Jeannie focuses on teaching women the power of personal style to convey power and confidence”.  Jeannie you are a genius!

Hello ah-ha moment! Maybe it’s just me, but I have always dressed for my job, for my day, for the things I have already achieved.  Why is it that I, and I’m sure some of you, only put that extra effort in when you have an interview, a big presentation or rather, someone else to impress.  Why not put the effort in just to impress ourselves?

You know how it feels when you put on a great new outfit and suddenly you can conquer the world?  Why not feel like that every day? Maybe the rest of you already do this, and if you do, I’m impressed and why didn’t anyone tell me?  If not, tomorrow morning, get dressed for the things you want but have yet to achieve. Who knows, tomorrow just might be your day!

If you live in Arizona, and you want to meet Jeannie Mai and acquire some of her fashion wisdom, she will be at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Dillard’s this Saturday, May 12th with Rockport in the womens shoe department from 1-4pm.  Let me know if you want to join me!

Jeannie Mai gave me a little bit of inspiration today, but get ready for next week!  I am excited to announce that next week I have asked some of my blogger (and real life) friends to guest post about women who inspire them.  This group of ladies definitely inspires me, so I can’t wait to see who inspires them!  Tune in next week!

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