Giant Birthday Giveaway

Today, August 20th, is my 27th birthday!  I am actually traveling across country today for work, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to have an AWESOME birthday.  Why you ask?  Well today I am hosting a HUGE giveaway for my readers!  I have always been more concerned about putting together the perfect swag bag [...]

It’s My Party and I’ll Give Stuff Away If I Want To

There is no crying at this party- No Way!  My birthday is quickly approaching and like any good party, my gift bag is going to be sweet!  I have already started compiling a few of my favorite things to send one lucky reader, but I need your help!Alright blog readers, (and have I mentioned how [...]

Weekend Art, Collections and Sports

Over the next couple of weeks, while I get ready for the big move, my blog might be quieter than usual.  I am making a point to only work on it when I am home alone.  I only have about 10 more days to soak up as much time with my friends, family and boyfriend, [...]

Birthday Wishlist

Alright, some of you are going to think I am a very materialist girl after reading this, but the heart wants what the heart wants okay!  It's my birthday in a mere 17 days! So I put together a little wish list.  It's my party and I'll ask for what I want to! (Disclaimer: I don't actually expect to [...]