It’s My Party and I’ll Give Stuff Away If I Want To

There is no crying at this party- No Way!  My birthday is quickly approaching and like any good party, my gift bag is going to be sweet!  I have already started compiling a few of my favorite things to send one lucky reader, but I need your help!

Alright blog readers, (and have I mentioned how awesome you all are lately- because you are.  Totally awesome! Is it too soon to say I love you?) this is your chance to get a little blog exposure, help me in celebrate my birthday and add to the gift bag!  I am going to be doing a rafflecopter giveaway, so anyone who wants to add an item to the giveaway will get included in the post, the rafflecopter options (Follow, twitter Facebook, etc.) AND for being a part of my birthday gift bag, I will give you a FREE month long sponsor spot! 

Sound like fun? You can give away anything you want, an ad space, something from your Etsy shop, one of your favorite things, one of mine… whatever!  Email me today so I can include you in my little gift bag swag celebration!!!! (Yes, I am so excited, I needed every one of those exclamation marks.)


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