Christmas In July

When I found this little Blog Swap, how could I not participate?  Who doesn’t like getting gifts in July, for no reason?  So I signed up expecting to get some silly little thing to enjoy.  Our hosts matched us up and I may be a little partial, but I am pretty sure I got the best blog swap partner ever! Laura from Under The Suburban Sun is wonderful and not only did I get a blog swap partner that it appears may know me better than I know myself, but I added her blog to my weekly reads!  Oh, and if you want to check out what I sent Laura, go to her blog to see her sweet post!)

Check out this swag!

I mean did I get an awesome box of goodies or what?!

Laura must have done her homework because she sent me things that are just soooo me! 
The flower hair clips came in handy at the beach this weekend and I already rocked the blingy ring at work! The calming hair treatment is awesome because the last couple weeks I have been a total stress ball.  I love the scent of the lotion- It smells like a tropical vacation.  The nail polish she chose is a perfect summer color.  With all the craziness of the past week I haven’t had a chance to get my nails done, but you can bet that polish will be joining me at the salon very soon!  Have I mentioned how much I love the beach before- oh yeah, maybe a few times.  She sent me Ocean Breeze candles.  Not only do I adore them, but my the boyfriend says they smell like home (he’s from San Diego) and keeps lighting them when I am not around.
Not that I don’t love everything, but this is my favorite part of the package.  Parisian stationary!  You open the beautiful box and there is this quote:
“Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true”-T.S. Lewis
Isn’t that perfect?  I am so torn between using them or just looking at them forever.  Don’t you hate that, when you get something awesome, but it’s so awesome you don’t want to use it?
Whose hosting the next blogger swap, I’m addicted!

7 thoughts on “Christmas In July

  1. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to use something because it's so awesome! I have a handful of journals that have been blank for years because of this very reason.

    Looks like you got a great box! 🙂


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