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Hey ya’ll quick little side note: I am looking to do a BIG giveaway for my birthday.  (I think goody bags are highly underrated!  So why not give one of my lovely followers a sweet gift bag just for reading)  I have been compiling a bundle of things to include and now I need your help.  I figure I should share the birthday love right!  If you are interested in adding to the Ashley’s birthday Swag Bag, please email me at ashley.ohwellsinsteadofwhatifs@gmail.com.  I’ll feature you in the post and everything!  Okay, now back to the main event.

I have been slacking on these.  Found this one on Pinterest.  Loved it. Had to share it.

I feel like so often in life we beg for happiness, when all we really need to do is be grateful for what we have.  I have seen that demonstrated so much over the last couple weeks it has inspired me to take a closer look at everyday and as they say in Dead Poet Society, “suck the marrow out of life”.  No matter the things you come up against, if you can look at your life and find the good, you can’t help but be happier.

Be happy today!

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. so true! i've found that the more stuff i don't have and the simpler my life is, the more free i feel. if only i could remind myself that next time i'm at target…


  2. Love this, you are so awesome!

    PS – you should show your email address in your blogger profile so I can reply to your comments via email, you always have the sweetest comments – keep it up love, you inspire me!


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