Birthday Wishlist

Alright, some of you are going to think I am a very materialist girl after reading this, but the heart wants what the heart wants okay!  It’s my birthday in a mere 17 days! So I put together a little wish list.  It’s my party and I’ll ask for what I want to! (Disclaimer: I don’t actually expect to get a single thing on this list, but I wanted to look at pretty things, so I figured I would share a few things I am lusting over. What I actually plan/hope to get is much more practical, a new bed.)
Canon EOS Rebel T1i

I want it.  I want it real bad!  I have a digital waterproof camera, but it isn”t great for taking really good pictures and I want to get back into that hobby.
Now we enter what I’d like to call the Michael Kors portion of the wish list.  I mean, how can you not love MK? 

Hamilton Large Tote, Hamilton Satchel, Tristan Large Tote (either/any color)

It’s not that I need a new purse, but I want a new bag.  I have showed a lot of restraint and not purchased a new purse in over a year!  I’ve been flirting with these ones for a while.

The Tortoise Jet Set Watch, Ritz Chronograph Light Horn

 I need a watch that actually fits my giant wrists.  These ones are so pretty.  I mean I am pretty sure I would be really happy with just about any MK watch.

Crystal Stud Earrings

 Aren’t these just lovely?  My friend Lauren has them and every time she wears them I want to pluck them right out of her ears! 

I am behind on the whole Tom’s bandwagon, but I want some!
What’s on your wishlist?

9 thoughts on “Birthday Wishlist

  1. You are totally aloud to make a fancy birthday list!! This is definitely a good one! I have a Michael Khors bag and watch for sale, so just point friends and family in my direction 😉 Hehe.


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