It’s Okay and Chik-fil-a

So, this started out like any of my usual It’s okay posts, and then went of in a different direction.  I think you should know before you read this, I typically don’t share my opinions on political things.  They are my opinions, I voice them with my vote.  I will get in the occasional debate, but I don’t think my blog is a place to push any political agenda.  However, before you keep reading I think you should know a couple things. I consider myself a fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republican.  I also consider myself to be Christian, although my definition may be different than yours.  Okay, lets get to it. 

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s okay….

To be super excited about my new job and big move, but simultaneously super nervous and anxious.

To already have anxiety about packing even though I haven’t even thought about where to begin.

To tear up at a Kelly Clarkson concert because the song was everything you needed to hear at that moment (I’m a total sap).

To want a whole new wardrobe for your new job, but show serious self restraint by meticulously planning the pair of pants (instead of every shade of the rainbow) you are going to get on a sweet buy one get one free deal and NY and Co.

To cry during the Olympics (see, I’m a sap).

To start every day with a Diet Pepsi (even though you have been “giving it up” for years).

To be really proud of yourself for being yourself, moving on and making positive changes.

To have an opinion on the whole Chik-fil-a thing even though I haven’t eaten there since college, because I never really liked the chicken, just the waffle fries.

…and here is my opinion.  I think the whole thing is sad.  Here’s the thing, it’s all about the freedom of choice.  Christian or not. Gay marriage rights supporter or not. Chik-fil-a lover or not. Socialist or not.  We live in America, where we were given the right to free speech, where the government doesn’t own and determine what companies we frequent, where we are suppose to have equal rights, where if you want waffle fries you have many choices.  I think sometimes if people just took a step back and looked at the whole situation, they would see what a circus it has become. 

We all have opinions.  We all have a right to those opinions.  So Dan Cathy doesn’t support gay marriage.  That is his right.  His financial support of anti gay and lesbian groups, leaves a bad taste in my mouth, one that even those delicious waffle fries can’t cover up.  So even if I was a Chik fan, I probably wouldn’t go there anymore.  I don’t want my money to be paid to a company that donates to to those groups. That is my choice. He allowed me that opinion by being honest about his beliefs.  However, I don’t think a city or state has the right to ban Chik-fil-a.  Won’t it probably go out of business anyway if people CHOOSE not to go there?

More than that, I think it so sad that people use this particular situation as a way to preach hate.  Having an opinion of totally fine, but you shouldn’t have to put down other people for theirs.  I will never understand why the world or at least Americans can’t accept that everyone is different and that is what makes life great.  After all, haven’t people always come here to escape persecution and make a better life?

My belief system is based on a couple basic principles.
1. I believe in a God that loves all of his children.  Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Black, White… whatever.
2. I believe that the bible tells us to love each other, not judge each other and be who we are even in the face of adversity.  Not to be corny, but seriously kids WWJD? 
3. I believe, as Americans, we all should have equal rights.  The right to marry whoever we want. The right to open food chains where we want.  The right to speak our opinions.  The right to spend our dollar in any way we like.

 I believe all this talk of waffle fries is making me hungry! 

 As a lover of getting to know and understand people, I want to know what you think!  Please share below!

12 thoughts on “It’s Okay and Chik-fil-a

  1. I absolutely love the title of your blog and am leaving a new follower! And I can absolutely relate to tearing up at a concert. Same thing happened to me at Zac Brown this past May. Almost feels cleansing, right?


  2. good luck on the new job and the big move! so many big things coming your way 🙂 your blog is super cute and if your interested im having a giveaway on my blog i think youd be interested in! so excited to read more!


  3. I'm totally with you on this one girl. Do I think people should be allowed to marry whoever they want? Absolutely. Do I think people should be able to voice their opinion? Absolutely.

    Fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republican is literally exactly how I would describe myself as well. So funny.

    Lovely post, dear!


  4. 98% in agreement with you.. only because I reaaaaallly like their waffle fries and can't promise to never eat there again…)
    This whole backlash for someone's personal opinion and freedom of choice in the matter, and choice of financial spending is none of my damn business.

    It's so contradictory to me that some fellow Christians (Catholics, Mormons, what have you's) will shield their hatred and bigotry behind what the Bible says, yet blatantly ignore the way God tells us to love our neighbors. Or how He reminds us that only He can judge us. Or to go to an extreme, that they pay such close attention to the part about homosexuality but ignore other silly parts that just don't make that much sense (cutting your hair, wearing multiple fabrics, same crops in one field.. etc)

    I think that the wrong in homosexuality lies in the times when people give into their curiosity and it becomes a choice rather than their way of being (such as threesomes, or attention-seeking making-out females).
    But to go as far as condemning them? I'd have to pretend I don't have my list of wrongs, sins, and faults before I could assume the almighty position. After all, I'm divorced, too. Do I believe I'm committing adultery against my ex-husband for being with my new husband? Nope. Do I think God will condemn me for such? No, I really don't. And yet, as a Catholic, I'm not allowed to take part in the communion because of this. Doesn't make me any less Catholic, and definitely doesn't take away the good in me. So I can only hope that all my friends who have fallen in love with people of their same sex are able to live the same life I'm allowed to live.

    In the same way, though, it's annoying that people on the other side of the spectrum want to be allowed to be different and voice their own opinions and change things based on their beliefs, and then organize boycotts against people who disagree with them. Another great example of that is definitely the backlash that the Susan G Koman Foundation received thanks to Planned Parenthood – but that's a totally different post in its own.


  5. I don't think anyone could have said it any better. I think we are in pretty much the same boat here, my beliefs seem to be very similar to yours. I think that everyone should be allowed to love who they love, without being ridiculed for it. Honestly, all of this hate going on really has me concerned for the future of our country. :/ Imagine how great it could be if everyone could just be accepting! Thank you for posting this!


  6. I consider myself conservative in the sense that I love the ideology our country was founded on (I'm an history teacher!) and it saddens me to see us leaving that behind. I'm a Christian who does not take the Bible literally and I believe, like you, that God loves all his children, no matter what.
    I'm not a proponent of gay marriage but, at the same time, it's not MY job to judge those folks. We all sin differently, right?
    A few months ago, there was a vote in Anchorage about giving transgender-people equal rights. What left a bad taste in my mouth was how the pastor (at a church I no longer care to attend) used the sermon as a platform for “WHY WE CHRISTIANS NEED TO TELL PEOPLE THEY ARE WRONG”. Ugh. That's so not what God intended.


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