Lakers Getting Nash-ty

This is not my usual type of post, but I just had to share.

I couldn’t bring myself to blog yesterday.  Today, I considered calling out sick.  Was it because I had a tummy ache? A migraine? Perhaps the flu?  Nope, I am suffering from a broken heart.  Steve Nash went to the Lakers.

When it all began.  Barkley, KJ and Thunder Dan.

I know I haven’t shared my love for the Phoenix Suns often on my blog.  You may have caught on the day I posted this, but I try to keep my FANatic status under wraps for the most part.  Let me let you in on a big part of my life. 

I am a die hard Phoenix Suns fan! I attend at least 15 to 20 games a year.  I mean I am no Orange Man, but I would certainly consider myself a dedicated fan!  Anywho, when I heard the announcement that Nash was going to the Lakers, I thought the boyfriend (a Lakers fan) was just being a jerk and trying to ruin my Fourth of July.  Nash wouldn’t betray his fans?  He wouldn’t rip my heart from my chest and dribble it with force down the court like a slightly flat basketball? No, not my Nash.  Upon further investigation, I found out the boyfriend was right.

Let’s talk reality. 

I had a good idea that Nash was leaving.  He wanted a championship and based on my teams performance this year, that doesn’t seem likely any time soon. The Lakers are obviously a winning franchise. Kobe called him personally to get him to LA.  The Lakers need a good ball handler, so when the best becomes available, I can’t blame them for going in for the kill.   Nash will have to give up his number though since 13 has been retired. 

He wanted to stay close to family.  I mean the guy turned down an offer to play in Toronto that would have paid about 10 million more.  I can’t really fault a man for putting his family first. 

He did his best to soften the blow.  He was a free agent.  He could have gone to the Lakers and left the Suns out in the cold.   Instead, he did a sign and trade deal, giving the Suns 4 draft picks over the next 3 years.  Considering how much the Suns need to rebuild and grow, this will be beneficial down the line.

Steve, I wish you the very best stats you can get with a losing season. We will miss you and the Suns will never be the same. 

Alright, have you had enough of my basketball banter?  I promise, I will not talk about it again until the season starts and I have cute game day outfits to share!  Ugh, le sigh.

2 thoughts on “Lakers Getting Nash-ty

  1. I am a huge basketball fan as well, but I am a die-hard Duke basketball fan. college is much more my thing.

    But I was definitely surprised by Nash going to LA bc I had just heard an interview on tuesday where someone asked him if there was anywhere he just couldn't imagine going and he said LA. I am sorry for y'alls loss!


  2. First… You met Mr. Orange!!!!??!
    I love him…

    Second. I am so angered by this. How can he do this to us… It feels as if my heart has been cut out with a jagged rusty blade…


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