Cool Things and Crushes

The coolest thing happened today. I woke up this morning and my number of followers was the same as my number of posts!!! I thought I would never see the day!!!!  Well, I thought it was really cool.

You know another reason today is awesome? I’m not at work! I took a nice little 4 day weekend because the boyfriend and I are headed to Del Mar for the races this weekend. Last year I won like $130 on a $6 bet. It was awesome, so I have high hopes for this year!

Whenever I think of the horse races, I think of My Fair Lady and the Ascot Races. For one, I have serious hat envy… and dress envy… and song and dance envy. (Why oh why hasn’t everyone around me ever broken out into song and dance! Wouldn’t life be so much better if it were a musical?) Plus, during the races all I want to do is yell “Move your bloomin’ ass” at the top of my lungs with a lovely British accent. I try really hard not to let it escape my lips, but if it does this year, I won’t be mad about it.

Actually, one time life did break out into song and dance in the form of a flash mob proposal to my friend Meagan. I mentioned Meagan’s now fiance, Ryan, in my post a couple days ago. He’s the one that was in the accident They are getting married in February. If you guys could keep sending them some love, I would greatly appreciate it. They have a lot of adapting to do. In the meantime, check out the most adorable proposal ever. Ryan asked all of Meagan’s friends and family to be involved. People flew in from across the country, learned the dance via YouTube, met to practice and finally hid inside Barnes and Nobel waiting to perform. Ryan even got a local radio station to cover it! I was thrilled to be a part of it! (shes sitting on the bench with her mom and sister.)

Aren’t they the greatest?  

That gets me to my current crushes: Hats!

These are a few I have had my eye on. 1. The Panama Hat 2. The Fedora, a favorite 3. The Cloche 4. The worn cowboygirl hat

I love hats, I love to wear them and it is especially fun to make them. I made some additions to one for the races this weekend, but when I was little I was in a musical theater group and we were performing a bit of My Fair lady. My grandma helped me make an elaborate pink and white hat out of a pizza box! I still have it. It was the most beautiful pizza box I had ever seen. I think that is when the crush started and it’s never really gone away. Here are a few of my hat wearing moments.

My fedoras, channeling Newsies, last year at the races, and Halloween, just another excuse to wear a hat!

I can’t wait to show you all the one I made for the races! Are there any hats you love?

 Anywho, I have to get to packing. I have a busy San Diego weekend ahead and a very small bag to pack, so naturally I am having some anxiety.

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