Women That Inspire Wednesday- a day early

Last week, a bright literary star from the writing heavens was ripped from us.  A truly great writer passed away leaving only her laughably honest screenplays and eloquently relatable pro's for us to remember her by.  Today I salute you, Nora Ephron.  You may have single handedly made entire generations of women eager to experience [...]

Dance Doesn’t End When Your Knees Give Out

Today I want to share about something I really love.  Like love down to my core.  Just like SJP in Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I love to dance.Dance begins very early and if your lucky it lives  in your soul forever.Just because you can't kick your nose anymore doesn't mean dance won't always [...]

Infinite Possibilities

I may have mentioned before that I am often inspired to reevaluate something in my life after seeing a movie or listening to a great song.  Today I was inspired by the most unlikely of movies because of infinite possible futures.  Let me explain...Here we are ringing in 2011One of my dearest friends, Meggan, and [...]

Jennifer Lawrence- Next Fashion Icon

A couple years ago, the name Jennifer Lawrence didn't really ring a bell, but now, not only is she an Oscar nominated actress for Winter's Bone and staring in the much awaited Hunger Games series, but she is quickly becoming one to watch on the red carpet.  I noticed this Kentucky native first at the [...]