Infinite Possibilities

I may have mentioned before that I am often inspired to reevaluate something in my life after seeing a movie or listening to a great song.  Today I was inspired by the most unlikely of movies because of infinite possible futures.  Let me explain…

Here we are ringing in 2011

One of my dearest friends, Meggan, and I had planned a little movie girls date.  We both tend to have fairly hectic schedules.  Meggan is a very successful hair stylist, (I’ve mentioned her before here) and happily married to a wonderful man (Joe).  They are always up to something.  Couple her busy life with my all-consuming job and we don’t have as much time together as we would like. 

So anyway, we planned to have a Friday night movie date.  We had decided to go see Snow White and the Huntsman, but as luck would have it, I was seduced by a nail technician temptress, that promised me my toes and nails wouldn’t take more than 45 minutes. (An hour and 15 minutes later) I called Meggan en route to the theater and told her I was running late.  She told me she was already there and rattled off a list of our remaining options.  Rough week at the movies.  The most appealing flick turned out to be Men In Black 3.  What the heck.  I hadn’t seen an MIB movie in years. I had always enjoyed them, but never felt compelled watch them often.  We spent time catching up and ordering food.  (Side note:  If you have never been to a full service movie theater, the kind that serves cocktails and all kinds of food, don’t go.  Regular movie theaters will never be the same again and you will be ruined.)  The movie started and I wasn’t expecting much.

To my surprise, the movie was very insightful. I was entertained. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a bit (but then, I cry in movies a lot… and during TV shows and during talent shows… everything).  Without giving too much away, I can say the movie made me think about infinite number of possibilities in life and the incredible number of things that have to fall into place for something to work out.  Sometimes successes are like their own little miracle.

I started thinking about some of the possibilities that are out there for me right now.  I have some really exciting things in the works right now.  For everything to work out, things will have to fall into place just perfectly.  (Keep your fingers crossed for me over the next couple of weeks and send me a little good juju if you can spare it!) 

It all goes back to one of my strongest beliefs; everything happens for a reason. Call it Gods plan, luck or coincidence if you want.  I have always believed that life eventually works out just as it should, provided you are true to yourself and follow your heart.  Its those times that I let myself go to a negative place or I try to be something I’m not that I get off course.   Lately, I have been really focused on being my truest self and doing the things that make me happy and it seems to be paying off.

Who knows, if I hadn’t been coaxed into that pedicure, I might have seen Snow White and the Huntsman.  Who knows how that could have turned out!

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