Cut off

I’m keeping this one short and sweet!  I was cut off from civilization or rather social and online media for 2.5 days and it was both a blessing and a burden.  For one, do you have any idea how many blogs I need to read to get caught up with my favorites?  I had no access to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Internet or even cell service.  I spent most of my week at a camp for disabled kids.  It was an amazing and inspiring couple of days, but I’m glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight.  I will be heading back again on Sunday for a few more days so forgive me if I am a little M.I.A. (not the singer) this week.  I will set up a few blogs to post, but you won’t know unless you follow me!  Click that little follow button so you don’t miss any of the action.  I will share about camp after I recover!

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