Jennifer Lawrence- Next Fashion Icon

A couple years ago, the name Jennifer Lawrence didn’t really ring a bell, but now, not only is she an Oscar nominated actress for Winter’s Bone and staring in the much awaited Hunger Games series, but she is quickly becoming one to watch on the red carpet.  I noticed this Kentucky native first at the Oscars, she took a page from Scarlett Johansson and rocked a simple yet elegant red gown.

But ever since the Hunger Games premiere tour, Jennifer has been giving us something to talk about.  At the LA premiere, she hit it out of the park!  She rocked this gorgeous gold dress by Prabal Gurung but equally beautiful was her hair, designed by Mark Townsend.  If you want to try it yourself (like I do) follow these directions from Townsend for  Her makeup was gorg as well!

In Paris, she looked AMAZING, but it’s hard to go wrong in Tom Ford!  I love the backless black dress with zipper details.  She went with sleep straight hair as well.  Perfect!

Then, in Berlin, she donned a Marchesa red dress.  I don’t know how I feel about this one.  From far away it reminiscent of plastic wrap.  I remember in college there was a party that required you not wear clothes, so people had to get creative.  I’d imagine this is what a fashion designer might get out of layers of plastic wrap.  Upon closer inspection, I really like except I think it should be floor length.  It is a weird length and I don’t think it is super flattering from some angles.  However, I still think it is a bold fashion move.

At the New York premiere, Jennifer wore a simple green Calvin Klein dress.  I think this dress is a little simple, but it reminded me that she is only 21.  I like it and I want it myself.  This look was more natural.

I am headed to the midnight premiere tonight with some friends. As Katniss she has a few fashion moments, but more than the fashion, I’m just excited to see how the adapt the series to film. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games yet, do yourself a favor and get started!

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