Lessons I Learned Today From Pop Culture

The last couple yeas, haven’t been the easiest for me. I know everyone has good times and bad, but with the black clouds that have been following me lately, I feel like I must be due for a world of sunshine any day now. I am a big believer in bringing the good into your life by expelling the negative. I can’t say it is something I have done a very good job of lately.

My Black Friday consisted of little shopping but a lot of self realization. Do you ever have a day that just seems to be slapping you in the face? Everything you do, listen to, see, seems to be saying “wake up idiot and get your life together!”? That is what happened to me today.

First I went to The Muppet Movie expecting to enjoy a an hour and a half of silliness. Well the movie is everything you would expect and for me, there was a particularly poignant speech at the end. Gary is telling Walter that it’s time to grow up. I wish I could remember/successfully stalk the exact quotes, but what I took away from it was that you have to stop waiting for your life to start, it’s time to start being brave and go get what you want. It’s time to grow up. Well not to spoil it for anyone, but Walter firgures out what he needs to do to grow up and I think it’s time I follow his lead.

Then as I was driving home,it seemed as if life had handed me a personal soundtrack. We started out with Florence + the Machine’s Shake It Off. Please, if you are not already obssessed with this song, or this band, go right now and download! I’ll wait for you here. I have heard this song a few times, but didn’t really listen to the words until today.

“It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake him off.”
“I’m done with my graceless heart so tonight I’m going to cut it out and restart”

Light bulb. “Yes Florence, you’re right. My heart has been pretty sour lately! I’m shaking that devil right off my back!” I thought as I drove down the 101. But my soundtrack of consciousness was not done there. Next it was Fly, by Nicki Minaj and Rhianna.

“I came to win, to fly, to conquer, to thrive. I came to win, to survive, to prosper to rise, to fly.”

Another light bulb, “Rhianna and Nicki, I did come to win. Thanks for reminding me of that!” Finally, as I pulled in the driveway, that infectious Colbie Caillat’s Brighter Than The Sun came on. How can you help but smile when listening to her songs (except for maybe her painfully beautiful cover/mashup of Breakeven and Fast car) ? This one didn’t hold any particular significance for me, but it was a nice, happy song to finish my drive with.

With all these light-bulbs shining, it was getting pretty clear that I can’t wait for New Years to make some resolutions. So, my Black Friday resolution is this: From here on out I will be focusing on the positive and flushing out all the negative from my life. I’m going to grow up, dance, fly and be brighter than the sun. Thank pop culture for reminding me how to get back on track.

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