Strong Is The New Skinny

You laugh because it’s true!

I know I am not the only one that struggles with losing weight. (Of course I haven’t lost it, I know right where it is!) Staying in shape is constant struggle for just about everyone I know except for the blessed few that the rest of us hate. You know who I’m talking about, the fat kid stuck in a skinny girls body. Well I for one am done being a fat girl stuck in a fat girls body! Tomorrow I am going back to the gym. Sure it’s the holiday season and all of those little cottage cheese-like lumps that are cleaverly disguised as sweet holiday treats are about to be unleased. I like a challenge. So tomorrow, the gym and I are getting back together.
I was hoping to upgrade to the fancy Lifetime Fitness down the street, but those dreams were squashed when I got a price quote and realized it was going to cost me twice as much as my current gym membership. So instead I have set it as my first goal. When I lose 25 pounds, I get to upgrade myself to a fancy gym. There is something to be said for enjoying the space you are working out in, so it gives me something to work for. For now, LA Fitness, I’ll see you on the daily.
I am also lucky enough to live in a place that winter hiking does not require snowboots. So I used part of my weekend to start spending more time outside. I love being outdoors anyways, so if anyone is looking for a hiking buddy, give me a call.
Most importantly, I am not focused on being skinny. Strong is the new skinny and I would much rather get back my athletic body than be a skinny waif. Besides, I have to get my body beach ready if I am going to live near one soon!

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