Weekend Rewind

Because my weekends are always filled with something different, I decided to start a weekly weekend rewind to muse over the events that filled my days off! This weekend was particularly eventful since I have had a five and a half day weekend! Here are a few of the non-holiday related happenings!

This weekend I…
…went to my first hockey game
Yes, I am 26 and up until last week I had never been to a hockey game. It was fun, but I was hoping to see the “flying V” or something. The Coyotes were playing the Ducks after all! There weren’t even any real fights. On the plus side, I did my god deed for the day by catching a little stuffed SRP alien thing and giving it away to a little kid. (But only after checking to see if it was a winner. Sorry kid, but you wouldn’t have gotten “cuss” if it had been a winner!)

…watched a lot of Sex and The City
One of the items I find hard to resist on Black Friday is a good DVD. When I saw all the Sex and the City seasons on sale for only $7.99 I picked up season 5 and 6. Then I proceeded to watch both seasons followed by the movie (which I already owned). I think I might write a longer post about the women of SATC later. It was a lovely to spend part of my holiday in New York with the girls though!
…bought Fantastic Mr. Fox
A friend of mine told me a while ago that this was a fabulous movie. I hadn’t gotten the chance to see it yet, so when I saw it on sale at Target for $3.99, I was in. For as long as I can remember, I have found talking animals to be absolutely hysterical. Something about it just kills me! So this movie was sure to be a home run. The fantastic Mr Fox did not disappoint. Not only did the animals talk, but they were sarcastic and sassy. Because of the movie, I have officially adopted the word “cuss” to replace all cuss words. See above. Example : What the cuss! Maybe it will help me to tone down my unladylike rants.

…made Sunday dinner deliciousness
I love to cook, when inspired. Tell me to host a dinner party and I will take the day off work, just to make a ridiculously elaborate spread. However, I find that when it comes to just making dinner every night, I get bored and quite honestly I am often to exhausted just thinking about cooking after a long day, so I opt for something carry out. This Sunday when it was time to come up with a cheap dinner for 2, I tried to make it easy and delicious. Mission accomplished. I sautéed spinach with garlic and olive oil and cooked some risotto and ginger miso shrimp that have been hiding in the fridge. Best dinner I have had in a long time. I was pretty proud of my creation.

Here’s to a fantastic week ahead!

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