I’m One Of Those People…

that thinks that every song is a sign or every movie is speaking to me in a special way. When I am bored, I play IPod fortune-teller. If you have never done this, I highly recommend it. First put you IPod or ITunes on all songs shuffle. Then ask questions to the universe and press next. I find each song gives me the answer to my question. Okay, maybe it is just the answer I know in my heart and I’m afraid to admit to myself. Try it. If nothing else, it’s fun to do with your girlfriends and a bottle of wine. Today, the boyfriend and I went to see The Vow. For his sake, I will admit, it was my choice of movie and he was far more interested in Journey 2…yuck. I’m a sucker for a good chick flick… and any Rachel McAdams or Channing Tatum movie. (This includes Red Eye and Dear John) (Also, something you should know about me, I put thing in parenthesis when I feel like it’s an unimportant, important side note or I feel like I am telling a secret or something… is that weird?)

Anyway… I mentioned yesterday that I am a lover of love. I cry at every wedding…every single one, even people I don’t know. Something about devoting your life and love to another really gets me good! I think it’s the vows. Trying to put your love for another into words is hard. Saying them out loud in front of your friends and family, for me at least, is even harder. In The Vow, their vows were perfect. I managed to hide the tears welling-up in my eyes. The movie really made me think about fate and love and if those”impact moments” are taken away from you, will you still end up in the same place. What have your “impact moments” been?

The other thing it made me think about was, how do we know we are in love and how do we know someone else is in love with us? Is it when our teeth can no longer hold back those three words from coming out, or is it something more? When did you know you were in love? When do you know someone else was in love with you? When did you know that feeling was gone? And does the lack of the “love” feeling mean that you were feeling something else entirely?

Love is a topic I have always wanted to know more about. I have read books, but what I really prefer is personal stories. Share with me your Love story!
Happy Valentines Day!

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