Dressing Up Takes More Than A Fresh Shirt

“All you have to do is put on a fresh shirt”, Carrie says to Big in the Sex and the City 2 Movie.

Carrie, sick of spending nights at home with take-out, is coaxing Big into attending a movie premiere with her and her friends.  All you have to do is put on a fresh shirt. Seriously?  That’s it?   For a split second I was hit with jealousy.   After a long day at work, all a man has to do is put on a fresh shirt to be ready for a glamourous night out.  Then I started thinking about getting ready for a big night; the time it takes, the tools, the decisions, the hair, the makeup, the grooming… and the jealously disappeared just as quickly as it reared it’s ugly head.

I love to get ready, maybe not every day for work, but for events and special occassions- absolutely! I always feel my very best when I have put some effort into looking great.  Don’t you ever watch an award show and just think, “ugh, I wish I could get ready for that”. 

Here are a few of my favorite personal glamourous moments.

Okay, okay, the one with the crown wasn’t glamourous at all, I just thought it was a little funny!

Now don’t get me wrong, on a Sunday you will typically find me in yoga pants and a top knot.  I wish I could muster the energy to look glamourous everyday like the many fashion bloggers I follow, but I just can’t give up the sleep. Sometimes if I put all this effort into getting ready and no one sees it, I’m almost a little depressed about it.  However, until I become a full-time writer (like Carrie), a SAHM, trophy wife or a very successful something, (any of the above would be fine!) I will settle for occassional moments of glamour, and the pure joy of getting ready for them. 

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