Women That Inspire- Part Two

Today I am thrilled to have my friend Molly as my guest.  In addition to being one of the funniest women I know, she has also always been a support system when I really needed it.  Molly has recently started a blog (I’ve been waiting for this blog for years.) She has the best stories, seriously witty commentary and a blunt tell it like it is personality that I just adore.  Get to know Molly at A Certain *Je Ne Sais Quoi

By: Molly Fuzat

So I’m supposed to write about a fellow woman that inspires me. There are SO many options, how could I possibly choose just one?

I’m inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s bangs because they’re just gorgeous.
I’m inspired by Rachel Zoe’s ridiculous and amazing style, even though I secretly hate half of what she wears and wouldn’t dare attempt to try the other half.
I’m inspired by Diane von Furstenberg and her iconic wrap dress that launched an amazing career and can only hope I have my own “wrap dress” moment in this lifetime.
I’m inspired by Julia Roberts’ grace and beauty and all of her amazing roles throughout her career that she plays so well I can only assume she is made up of bits and pieces of them all.
And speaking of fictional characters, I’m inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s perspective, insight and attitude.
I’m inspired by the women in Paris who can run around in Louboutins like they’re walking on a cloud and girls that have the willpower to say no to seconds and dessert. I’m inspired by girls who refuse to settle for anything less than the best and girls that chase after their dreams with reckless abandon. But who takes the prize pig?

Meet my sister, Annie. AKA Super Mom.

She’s a year younger than me and about a million times wiser (and that’s a conservative estimate). She is a wonderful mother of four little angels – Caden, Connor, Avery, and Lucien – and I mean it, they’re absolute angels because they are being raised by a saint.

She’s even the cutest little pregnant gal ever!

Raising four kids that are 3 months old to 6 years old is quite the task. It takes some crazy kind of mom to be able to live to tell the tale of raising all of these little rascals. But somehow she does it brilliantly with endless patience and love and so much grace and ease that sometimes it gets to be a little annoying. I mean come on sister, no one would blame you if you lose your shit for once.
Her days are a whirlwind. Driving Caden (the oldest) to school with the three other baby Rangels in tow. Dealing with lots and lots of diaper duty – three out of four are in diapers – and lots and lots of hungry babies. Keeping such a clean and organized home that you just hope to catch her OCD walking around the house (and man does she give me crap about hiring a cleaning lady because I of all people “don’t have enough time”). Making sure that each boy gets all the love and attention they deserve and never playing favorites. Somehow surviving Costco or the movies with all four kids by herself while her husband is at work. Frankly I think Costco is a pain in the ass no matter what and the thought of going there makes me cringe, so for her to take on that venture with four kids? Like I said…a saint. (But aren’t they so stinking cute?)


Oh yeah…and she is a baking wonder because she knows the kids love it!!!

image image 

I can’t even imagine being in a place in my life right now where I am in charge of another person. I can barely manage being in charge of myself sometimes. Maybe that’s why I love being an aunt so much – because I don’t ever have to say “no” and be the bad guy, I still get all the hugs and kisses I want, and then the parents take over when there’s a meltdown (or dirty diaper – which I hate to brag, but I have only had to change three diapers out of six nephews which I think is a pretty impressive record). But my sister makes it look so easy to be a mom (don’t worry, I know it’s not) that I am eternally grateful that she’ll be on retainer for that day in the faraway future when little Mollys are running around. Yes, dear family, I will do everything I can to have girls to help balance out the army this family is breeding.
So cheers to you, Annie aka Super Mom. Thank you for teaching me the value and fulfillment that being a mother can bring, because one day I will be ready for that too. Thank you for having the cutest little babies and even though we are not biologically related (we’re both adopted) you have given me hope that I will have the cutest little Asian babies someday too! Thanks for showing me how to be more patient with the hidden message that I need to be more patient (I’m working on it). Thank you for being an amazing role model for these kids and giving them every ounce of love you have. You’re the second best mom I know – only second to our own mother, of course.
Thank you for being an incredible woman whose legacy will live on in her children and through all of us who have been lucky enough to know you. You truly inspire me (along with everyone that you leave awe struck and speechless because they’ve witnessed the miracle of four extremely well behaved children in public). I LOVE YOU!
Love her post?  Follow Molly’s blog HERE!

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