I Believe In…

I believe…

That having a good life soundtrack is critical.  This is currently on repeat on my soundtrack:

That Diet Pepsi is superior to Diet Coke in every way except it’s ability to cure a hangover.

That sometimes change is all you really need to remember who you’ve always been.

I believe in elegance, grace, hope and kindness 99% of the time. I also believe it’s okay to fall on your face sometimes, trip over your own feet, get frustrated and be a cranky biz-natch 1% of the time.

 I believe that the best things usually don’t come without at least a little sacrifice.

I believe in Delta Love. 
I believe in high heels and high standards.
I believe in following your gut.  It’s life’s way of telling you which path to take.

I believe in bright colors, dressing for the job you want and feeling good in your clothes.
I believe in investing in good shoes, especially if you have the feet of a giant.  (Yep, big foot and I might be related.)

I believe in driving if you can’t afford to fly. 
I believe in road trips. 
I believe in car dancing- always.

I believe that puppy cuddle time is the best way to start a day, even if she is the hairiest pup that ever lived.
I believe in down comforters, even in the summer.

I believe in traveling whenever possible. 
I believe that to see the world is to understand humanity.
I believe that adventure is waiting around every corner, you just have to seek it out.

I believe in cute running shoes.
I believe that if I tell myself I love running enough, I might actually start to love running. 
I believe I can run half marathon, despite what my thighs might tell you.

I believe that time at the beach is time well spent.
I believe that the ocean has a way of calming the soul.
I believe that we can be close to God in places other than a church.

I believe in french toast on Sunday mornings.  Growing up my grandfather would make me bacon and french toast every Sunday.  I looked forward to it more than TGIF. 
I believe in adding strawberries to champagne.

I believe in dressing up, wearing layered necklaces, playing dress up with false lashes, finding the perfect shade of lipstick and teasing my hair.
I believe the boyfriend is pretty great and makes me a stronger, happier, better version of myself.

I believe in taking time to wrap presents. 
I believe that the wrapping should be beautiful and add to the excitement of the gift. 
I believe in wrapping themes around the holidays so that everyone knows which gifts are from you.

I believe the glass is always half full.
I believe in vanilla milkshakes.
I believe in finding something that makes you smile every day.

I believe in making your bedroom a happy place (and maybe that means investing in bedding from Anthropologie).
I believe in bed days, at least once a quarter. 
I believe said bed days are best spent with someone you love and a collection of both of your favorite movies and take out menus.

I believe in girls nights.
I believe in catching up with friends on long drives.
I believe that friendship, like any relationship can be hard sometimes.  You can’t always be the type of friends someone needs.  They might not always be the friend you need.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t still a friend.
I believe that friendship knows no distance.

I believe in good food.
I believe in special touches that an atmosphere absolutely magical.
I believe in love.
I believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  So get your imitation on and join Erin at Living in Yellow to link up!

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