A Confession

It’s taken me some time to realize, and come to terms with, but I am a product of my generation.  I want things to happen easily and in a flash.  I have had a series of rude awakenings since graduating college.

What? I’m not going to get some absolutely fabulous job be cause I have a bachelors degree?
What?  I am not going to be a magazine editor, event planner, publicist, author and CEO all at the same time and all before I am 25, with very little work?
What? I went to the gym (once and for an hour and then ate a chocolate dipped cone and a tub of mashed potatoes) and I didn’t lose any weight this week?
What? After writing my first blog post, I will not instantly have 10,000 followers and a book deal?
What? Life isn’t always going to work out like I had planned?

If you’re being honest with yourself, you have had similar “what?!” moments too!  And if you are really being honest with yourself, you have probably pushed them to the back of your minds closet with the jeans that are still too snug.  Yes? No? Maybe it’s just me. 

Recently I had a revelation that I am somewhat nervous to share.  I don’t work hard enough for the things I want.  In fact, I’m not sure I work hard at all.  Wait, let me dissect that a little.  I work hard enough.  Hard enough to be on top of my work.  Hard enough to meet deadlines.  Hard enough to be good at what I do. 

But I don’t work hard enough to be great.  I don’t work hard enough to make a difference. And I don’t work hard enough to be remembered.

  So, I’ve decided to make a change.  (Did anyone else start singing Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror right there?  No?  Just me again huh?)  I am seeking expert advice from Kelly Cutrone, Laura Casey, successful blogger friends, some of the 50 most powerful women and anyone else that has written, blogged or taught about finding balance, working hard to achieve your dreams and not giving up on yourself. 

Damn it, I want to leave my mark.

Goodnight lovers.  I’ve got some reading, wine drinking and yogurt eating to do!  You don’t drink wine out of a coffee mug? No? Just me again?

How are you leaving your mark? Are you a product of the instant gratification generation too?

7 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. I'm loving your revelations because it's like you say the stuff I don't want to. Put the snug jeans in the back of the closet? Sure. Expect 10,000 followers and a book deal? Absolutely.
    Our generation is strange.


  2. Girl, I'm with you on all of this! Thanks for writing such an honest post- I was thinking a lot of the same things…somehow it just helps to hear it from someone else, you know? You've definitely inspired me!!!


  3. I LOVE that Katy Perry song! And I feel you girl, I thought graduating from college would make a a merchandise buyer at Nordstrom ASAP!


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