The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Dress

Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.

Oh you all remember that book trilogy, turned movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants don’t you. Those pants sure as hell were magical if they could fit a range of heights from 5′ to 5’10” and a five-inch hip spread. Nevertheless, the book series made teen girls laugh, cry and wish for magical pants of their own.  But I never truly believed in magical pants, until I got a little taste of whimsy myself.

It was my sophomore year in college when I found a magical BCBG ruffle dress.  A dress that perfectly fit my needs for Spring formal.  The problem with such perfect dresses is that you can’t wear them too often.  They make too big of a statement to get pulled out for every single little black dress occasion.

This picture does not do it justice. Me and Katie.

After just one night of glory, I retired my beautiful dress back into my closet.  I would say hello to it from time to time, grazing my fingers across it’s layers of scalloped ruffles, assuring it that one day it would see the bright lights of a dance floor again.  An entire year went by before a dear friend needed a dress the next year for Spring formal. 

Me, Sami in the Traveling Dress and Katie
Even with our difference in height, the dress still looked like it was made for her.  When she returned it to me, I swear it felt as though the dress was saying, “thanks for giving me one more shot”.  I returned it back to it’s hanging bag for safe keeping, knowing this might have been it’s last chance at a night out…until. 
The next fall, my best friend Meggan was visiting from Phoenix and we were headed to a fraternity party, I don’t remember the theme, and I don’t remember most of the night, but I do remember Meggan belted the traveling dress and gave her another night of dance floor glory.
No, you can’t actually see the dress in this picture, but it’s the only one I can find from that night.  I think the joy of wearing it shows through on Meggans face though.
The dress had survived some of my most intoxicated college nights, but it still had one more go round left in it. It was only days before we were headed to Vegas and Katie needed a little black dress.  By this time, we had all begun to call it The Traveling Dress.  Katie tried her on and alas, a perfect fit. Katie, took her to Vegas for the bachelorette party (on right), where my little black BCBG ruffle dress got to spend the night with all of it’s previous wearers. 
Lauren, Sami, Meggan, Katie, and I think I took the picture.
True, a dress is easier to fit into than a pair of jeans, but I still think this dress was magical.  It made each woman feel fabulous while wearing it and it stayed on trend for over 4 years. 
Somehow that magical dress has gotten lost after countless moves and a few more wears, but those who wore it will never forget it’s splendor.  And true to magical clothing form, we laughed (a lot), we cried (drunken tears) and we shared the dress. 

5 thoughts on “The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Dress

  1. Oh I Loved those books so much ( Did you read the one set years later when they are adults? Because it kind of killed the series for me which is such a shame).. I always wanted a magical clothing item of my own- Like this dress of yours! It seriously looks gorgeous on all of you!


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