Life Lately

So it hasn’t been my best week, (see me eat my feelings below), but it was still a week worth documenting. 

First off, Happy Endings and Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 are both back on Tuesday nights!  What can I say, both of these shows make me giggle with scenes that look a little something like this!

And life’s been looking like this…
When I’m sad, I like to eat and drink my feelings.  This time it was with a Cheesecake Factory feast, a glass of wine, gelato and sprinkles cupcakes and another bottle of wine.  My sweet friends sent me these lovely pictures.  My hair was loving being it’s curly self. I got really serious about working, two laptops get things done twice as fast!

And I decided to make my Halloween celebration mimic life…

I decided to be, “The One That Got Away” because irony is always a good costume. Meet Captain Corona, my drunken pirate pumpkin!

If you haven’t had enough of me yet, head over to Waking Up To This.  I’m guest blogging today and giving away a little Sephora treat!

4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Good morning Ashley! I found your blog at the GFC Blog Hop, I like it a lot so I'm now following you ^^
    Hope you get a chance to visit mine as well.
    That pumpkin looks great! I wish I had carving skills LOL xx
    n o i r e d a m e


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