Hair Tutorial: Low Side Bun

Remember how I was taking a little blog vacay to “reboot” myself?  Mission accomplish and I am excited about some things I have coming down the pipeline!  In the meantime, I invited Marci to take over my blog for the day to share a little everyday glamour!

Hello to all you lovely bloggers over at Oh Wells Instead Of What Ifs! I’m so excited to do a guest post today for the always fabulous Ashley. My name is Marci and I am visiting you from Waking Up To This, my little ole’ blog containing all things fashionable, yummy, and beautiful!

Today I decided to share a super fun and easy updo with you. I am a hairstylist and a mom so making my hair look put together {and preferable gorgeous} in 5-10 minutes is a must! Even if you aren’t a mom, do you really want to be spending an hour on your hair every morning? I think not. I normally style my hair like this on day 2 or 3 after washing {I have really dry hair so I can go awhile without washing it}. Here is all you need!

Styling Tools:

Curling Iron {I use a 1 1/2 inch but I have really long hair}
Hair Brush
Teasing Comb
Bobby Pins
Rubber Band
Dry Shampoo {if needed}
Hairspray {if needed}

Here is what I look like this morning after putting make up on {I didn’t want to scare you since it’s not Halloween anymore} and getting dressed.

First, I took my hair down and brushed it out. Then I went through my whole head and curled really big sections. This shouldn’t take you very long because you just want the curls really loose to give your hair texture.

Since I didn’t wash my hair today and it was a little greasy at the roots, I used my amazing dry shampoo. I seriously couldn’t live without it! If you haven’t tried it yet go buy some right now. The only thing to be careful about is that some brands can leave a little bit of white powder on the hair. For blondes, this is a plus…..for brunettes, don’t worry, just brush your hair from root to ends so that it spreads throughout your hair. 

Then I teased my crown area and pulled it all into a low side ponytail with a rubber band.
Now tease the pony tail to give it some volume.

Next, braid the ponytail and twist is around in a circle over the rubber band. Use the bobby pins to secure all the way around and make sure it feels tight. 

Yay we’re almost done! Finally I pulled some pieces out around my face to soften the look because I have face framing layers and they are short enough to blend with the style. You can also recurl them if needed. Now it’s time for hairspray to finish off your look. My hair holds really well so I typically don’t need any.

This updo took me a total of 10 minutes to do from start to finish. It doesn’t get much easier then this for a style that keeps all your hair up, looking fabulous, and out of your face. I hope everyone enjoyed this post and come check out my other hair tutorials and all things fashion at Waking Up To This. Stay gorgeous dolls!!!

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