Hair Do?


When I close a chapter in my life, I usually make some kind of fairly drastic hair change. 

When I graduated college, I got thin side bangs.
After I got married, I got a lob (long bob).
When I got divorced, I began dying my hair.
When I was ready for anew adventure, I got extensions.

Now, here I am ready for a brand new chapter.  A chapter where I uncover my truest self, explore my passions, push myself, create new things and most importantly learn how to love myself for exactly who I am.  In short, I need a new do!

Here’s what I know, my truest self likes:
-long hair (the lob portion of my life was very short lived and unhappy at that). 
-I want to go back to my natural hair color, which is a very very dark, almost black, brown with some subtle dimension enhancing highlights.
-I want something fun.


My answer? Bangs.  (Also I have noticed a very defined line running across the center of my forehead which I’d like to think is just an indentation from concentrating too hard.  Bangs will hold off botox!)

So first I consulted with a group of my best girlfriends.    The official poll was inconclusive.  So naturally, I hopped on Instyle Makeover (what? doesn’t everyone do this when they have hair decisions to make?), gave my self some of my favorite celebs fringe and decided to ask you all to weigh in.

How creepy is this?  Ha! 

Alright lovelies, what do you thing?  Should I go with option 1, 2, 3, 4 or is the whole bangs thing totally over?  Do you have bangs and love them? Hate them?  Spill!


7 thoughts on “Hair Do?

  1. I like option 3! Personally, I love long layers. I gave up on bangs a few years ago, they were just too much of a hassle. =) Change is always good… I just chopped off about 6 inches and it felt amazing!


  2. I like #1 or #2. #2 is my favorite. You can pull of the bangs, but it makes you look a little young. And #3 makes me think Farrah Faucett.


  3. I just got mine cut like #2 in August. I hadn't had bangs since 1996!!

    So, my vote is for #2.

    I just started following your blog through the blog hop.

    Love it!!

    Follow me back.

    Mendy Hussong


  4. I have side bangs and I have for years.. I JUST got my hair cut a few days ago and I considered getting bangs like photo #4!

    I think #2 is my favorite though 🙂


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