Introducing The Life: Stylish

Back in college, I was pretty decent publications designer. I really loved being creative and using different elements, but the idea of coding and web design totally intimidated me. A while back, when I started this bloggity blog, I hired someone to design my space.  I loved what she did, but now I’m sick of it.  I decided to conquer my fear and teach myself a bit about designing for the web. 

Enter, The Life: Stylish

Here’s the thing, I gotta build up my portfolio.  So I am offering Five free blog makeovers.  You get the whole shebang for free, zip, zero, nada.  This is really great for all you new bloggers that don’t want to invest in a design yet.  It’s also great for anyone like me that likes a change every now and then, but isn’t made of moola!  Don’t want a blog design, but have something else in mind?  You can win too!

How will I choose?  Just leave me a comment.  I will draw 5 winners on Friday December 14th.  I hope you’ll enter and I hope you win!!!

14 thoughts on “Introducing The Life: Stylish

  1. what a fun giveaway! i have been wanting a new look but was waiting til after the holidays to spend any money on myself… so it would be awesome to win a free one 🙂


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