A little kindness never hurt anybody

I might have put a little different spin on Random Wednesday, but I’m just going to go with it!
I try to be a good citizen of the world.  I try to donate clothes I don’t wear any more.  I volunteer when I can.  I work for a non profit organization . I try to say please, thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry when necessary   But the moments I feel the most joy are the ones that happen a little at random. 


About a year ago, I was headed to my car from the grocery store and a man asked me if he could have some money to go in and buy an apple.  The man told me he was a veteran and just got out of the hospital.  I had just bought a sandwich from the deli and some apples, so instead I gave him my sandwich, a couple apples and a bottle of water.  He cried when I handed him the bag.  I cried as I drove away. 
I’ve had a few of these opportunities to do good over the last few years, but after reading Jenn’s post 26 random acts of kindness to honor the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school, I was inspired!  I started reading all about  the movement Ann Curry started with a simple tweet.  Seriously, check out #26Acts and #26actsofkindness for all the inspiration you may need. 

This is our chance to spread joy.  This is our chance to remember to be kind.  This is our chance to spread hope even in the wake of horrific tragedy   So instead of filling my instagram, twitter and Facebook with photo-a-day challenges, I’m going to be joining the #26acts movement.
So today, I got a holiday greetings card.  I wrote a message and I went to pick up my lunch. ( It was a McDonald’s kind of day –don’t judge me.) After giving my order, I got up to the first window and the cashier gave me my total.  I told him I would like to pay for the car behind me as well. The cashier looked puzzled   Then I handed him my debit card and the card I had written.  I asked him to please give it to the guy in the car behind me.  The cashier just stared at me to which I awkwardly blurted out, “I’m spreading holiday cheer… like an elf or something.”  (What? Who says that?!)  The cashier smiled.  As I drove up to the next window, I saw the man in the car behind me receive his card and open it.  I drove away pleased with both my salty french fries and the warm fuzzy feeling that was radiating from my heart! 
#26acts.  Follow me on Instagram to see what other acts I’m up to @ashmarall

I hope he went back to his office and shared his lunch adventure with his office  I hope he is inspired to do something nice for a stranger.  I hope this movement spreads.
One act down, 25 to go!


3 thoughts on “A little kindness never hurt anybody

  1. i did a 25 days of christmas list that i have been crossing off items… and i seriously think im going to have to carry it on year long. ive fed a homeless man, paid for the car behind me, etc… and today, it was as simple as complimenting a girls outfit… how easy is it to do some of these little things that can mean so much to someone else.


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