20 Things to Know About Me

1. Rum makes me cry…always.
2.  Speaking of crying, I am very moved by movies, music, plays and sometimes even commercials.
3.  I have an unhealthy obsession with things that sparkle, specifically chandeliers.
4. If it were work appropriate and socially acceptable, I would only wear flip flops.
5.  I love things that are black and white.  Movies, Accessories, Clothes…
6.  I always read the last two pages of a book before I buy it.
7.  Giant Jenga is my favorite game.
8.  Just like Kym, I drink pickle juice from the jar.
9.  I dip any and all finger foods in ranch.
10. The beach is my happy place, any beach.
11. Even though I work in online communication and live for social media, I refuse to use digital 
planners.  I prefer a hard copy.
12. I had scarlet fever as a kid.
13. You know what they say about girls with big wrists and feet?  Bangles hardly ever fit and 
most shoes have to be purchased full price.
14. I’m cold 95% of the time.
15. I was in a Christian rock music video once.
16. I eat Ramen noodles far more often than any financially stable adult should.
17.  I hate watching the news and don’t do it unless forced.  I would rather read about whats going 
on in the world.
18.  Highlighters and post it notes are by far my favorite office supply and I hoard stock up on them.
19.  I don’t channel surf.  It drives me crazy to switch back and forth.  I commit to one show at a time.
20.  I just decided I liked cucumbers about 3 months ago.
Only a few hours left to link up with Kym from Travel Babbles and share your 20 things!

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