Life Is Not A Reality Show

Okay, so I am kind of obssessed with the Real Housewives ! I just love watching the crazy lives of the rich and fabulous. I am always drawn towards the woman that are honest, upfront (some might consider this also called “a little bitchy”), strong willed and passionate about thier work and thier families. I love seeing women that have a devotion for thier husbands and kids portrayed on television. I also love to see women entreprenuers on television. I find most of the RHW shows encompass at least one woman that isn’t a total idiot that I can really draw inspiration from and admire. I think it is really hard in this day and age to be a successful business woman, be a good wife, be a great mother and manage to have a beautiful head of hear to go with it. It is comforting to know that even the wealthy struggle to find balance.

Vicki and Gretchen

In Orange County, I love Vicki’s mothering and her drive to suceed in business. She still seems to be working out the balance when it comes to her love life. Gretchen is really building momentum with her makeup and handbang lines and she always seems to look for the best in every situation.

Bethenny and Family

In New York, Bethenny (yes I know she has been off the show for a while now) is a woman who knows what she wants and continually moves towards it with vigor! Who says you can’t have it all? She didn’t settle and sure she is busy, but she is exactly the type of woman I aspire to be! There is a little too much squaking in New Jersey and Atlanta for me to know the characters very well. I typically can only last about 30 minutes into either of those shows before I have to take a break.

Lisa and Kyle

In Beverly Hills, Lisa seems like she has has the adoration of her children and incredible taste… and I love British people. She and her husband have built an empire of upscale restaurants and she has been the stylist behind it all. Probably my favorite housewife is Kyle Richards. I read her book last week and while it certainly didn’t increase my intellectual prowess, I learned quite a few beauty tips. I also loved the way she described her relationship with her mother and her daughters. She is a girl’s girl, that’s for sure! In honor of Kyle’s excellent tips, I will be sharing a few of hers and a few of mine over the next week!

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