One Month In…

Things got a little busy and I forgot to post for almost a month. I fell of the wagon! However, that just means I have lots to share! On January 1st I resolved to become my best self in 2012. That meant being better at my job, being a better friend and girlfriend, being healthy/losing weight, getting my skin and hair in tip-top shape, pay off my debt and move back into my own place. I was dead set on moving to California this year, but thanks to a new chapter in my work life, I willing to give AZ a chance for a little while longer. (Don’t worry sandy beaches, you are still on my mind and I still hope to move as soon as possible. The desperation is just no longer there.) Let’s just say if January is any indication on how my year is going to be, I am making 2012 my bitch!

Work and life are moving along smoothly, so lets talk about the things I am really excited about…the superficial! Thanks to some tips from friends and celebrities, I have completely changed my hair routine and it has made such an incredible difference! The best part is it doesn’t take me any longer and it’s growing like a weed! Another post on my adapted hair tips! More on that later this week! Also, thanks to a Christmas gift from my bestie, my skin is doing much better as well. Don’t worry, you’ll get a post on that routine as well! I have been trying to make health a priority and it has really been paying off! I have already lost 10 pounds and I am in the lead for our biggest loser competition. With my winnings I plan to get this beauty!

Michael Kors Quartz Brown Watch

I have a ways to go before I reach my goal , but if I stay on this track, I will be close to my goal by the start of summer! When I reach my goal, it means more than just a new watch, it means a new wardrobe. I can’t wait to start planning my purchases!
Just over one month into the New Year and so many things are going so well.

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