Mesmerized by the Music

It’s funny, I always forget how much music really speaks to me until I get goosebumps from hearing a great voice or powerful lyrics. I have always had a talent for seeking out great artists and becoming obsessed with them before the radio is even playing their music. When that music is partnered with soulful movement, I’m known to get a little choked up. This year’s Grammy Awards show was a perfect example of many goosebump worthy moments. First, I was reminded of my love for Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. They ROCK (Pun intended)! Even when performing with a somewhat creepy Mickey Mouse. Then Chris Brown reminded me how innovative dance can be. When Maroon Five and Foster the People did covers of Beach Boy songs, I was instantly brought back to many car rides with my grandmother listening to the oldies station when I was little. The standing ovation that Taylor Swift received made me happy. Not just because I love rocking out to T. Swift, but because I can only imagine what it feels like to be so respected by your peers and idols.
Katy Perry confused me at first, but if anyone can rock the Smurfette, got stuck in an episode of Xena Warrior Princess, she can. I was really enjoying the Russell Brand hate song… err I mean her new single.
Without question, Adele is one of my favorite artists! I got to see her live about 3 years ago, before most people even knew who she was. (Also, The Script opened for her…AMAZING) I loved how soulful her voice and lyrics were. Her rendition of Rolling in the Deep gave me chills!
Loved the classic glamour of Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood doing It Had To Be You. Carri’s dress was GORG too! (What, don’t hate on my Abreivs.)
Jennifer Hudson’s beautiful performance of I Will Always Love You brought on the chills, but I also couldn’t help noticing how absolutely fabulous she looked.
Speaking of fabulous looking ladies, Gwyneth Paltrow looked really great too! All in all, I would say the Grammys were much better this year than in years past. Good work!

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