Women That Inspire- Part Five

Well we have almost reached the end of my week of female inspiration. Don’t worry, tomorrow I will be posting about a women that inspires me… I better start writing huh?

Today Elisa has agreed to be my guest. Elisa writes Fulfilling A Ubiquitous Need, a blog about the life and times of a twenty-something. Elisa’s blog is fun and sometimes sassy and always honest. Read it and follow her!

Writing about someone who inspires you is a tougher assignment than it seems. I quickly accepted Ashley’s invitation to create a guest post, and then realized this would take some serious thought. “I just signed up for homework?!” To discover my woman of inspiration, I first considered all options: current friends, deceased relatives, talk show hosts, mothers, celebrities, previous teachers, reality show stars, and bloggers. A list of options began to form and I noticed a theme amongst these women; they all exude an I-am-so-comfortable-with-myself-this-is-just-who-I-am-and-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude. Seeing this theme come to light was satisfying and made sense to me; these are the kind of women whose behaviors I study and try to embody. I am inspired by them.

Within this list, one woman stood out who had other qualities I also admire…including her usually obnoxious bright lipstick…

Laurie Keller (aka Busy Phillips) from Cougar Town! I think of both Laurie and Busy as having very similar personalities, almost one in the same. This is probably because I follow Busy on twitter and she tweets things like, “Oh no. I accidentally got drunk last night and now I’m accidentally hung over. And my kid wants me to make pancakes from scratch. Ugh.” That’s a very Laurie/Busy comment.
You may be thinking, “Um, seriously? This was supposed to be a post about inspiration, not liquored up blondes.” But hear me out.

Risk taker.

“You know, Katy Perry wore 12 different outfits at the MTV Music Awards.
I’m gonna beat that tonight.” – Laurie Keller

Laurie isn’t afraid of following trends or starting new ones, and she is over-dressed for every occasion. She has fun with her clothing and make-up and wears what works for her body type. Lately this has consisted of a lot of side ponytails, neon, and daytime hot pink lipstick. It is easy to see she is comfortable in what she has on, which creates an unmistakable air of confidence.

Good friend.

“Jules, slap out of it.” – Laurie Keller

This girl is an active listening pro. She knows how to put her friends first, and give solid advice (although she usually doesn’t follow her own advice, but who does?). Laurie is a friend who can always be counted on even when it’s not convenient, and that is the kind of friend I try to be.

Dish it and take it.

“Okay, say something judgmental about me.
That always loosens you up.” – Laurie Keller

Laurie doesn’t mind being made fun of, especially for being somewhat of an airhead. She embraces this quality about herself, creating a confidence that is difficult to take down. Do you feel so good about yourself others can poke fun once in awhile and get away with it? Yeah, I’m working on that one too.

Dream follower.

“I’m writing a screenplay. It’s a cartoon about a plucky termite princess named Molly,
who gets kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. It’s not a kids’ movie.” – Laurie Keller

Okay, we need to be a little realistic here…she started up a successful cake shop in a matter of a few days thanks to the magic of television. But, she left a comfortable job and went for it! I always try and remind myself, if you change nothing, nothing will change.

“Since you recently found out you’re a dad, I baked you a congrats on your 
baby-that-you-had-with-a-drunk-that-picked-up-at-your-bar-before-you-started-dating-Jules cake!”

Laurie is accepting of all walks of life. Even though she may seem to be somewhat of a “dumb blonde” she is aware of others feelings, and likes to make everyone feel welcome. I always appreciate a person who can create a sense of hospitality no matter where they are.

See? I told you to hear me out. And in case you are thinking, “whelp, ABC dropped that show, so forget her for inspiration,” it was picked up by TBS. So you have at least two more seasons of Laurie-isms to keep you inspired, even if it just triggers a new lipstick purchase.

Check Out Elisa’s blog HERE!

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