Only Seconds

Today, I had planned to write about my weekend and my Del Mar races project, but something else has been on my mind, so I want to share. Warning, things might get a little deep- life jacket suggested.

Everything about your life can change in a second.  One single second. That second can be the difference between life and death.  It can be the difference between success and failure.  It can change your entire world.  I have been reminded of the frailty of life a lot lately.

About a month ago, the boyfriend called from the emergency room.  He had been jumped and had significant head injuries. The doctor did an CAT Scan to make sure there was no brain bleeding. I was scared sitting there alone in the emergency room while he got the CAT Scan, and I prayed that this situation would be one that changed us, but for only the better. It did.  Luckily everything turned out okay.  I still worry with every headache and every forgetful moment, that something might still be wrong.   I have a much deeper appreciation for every moment we are together. 

A couple weeks ago, a childhood friends husband was in a quading accident in the mountains.  He was air-lifted to a local hospital with severe head injuries. She was terrified, but asked friends and family for prayers. Those prayers were answered. Her husband is recovering quickly and everything is going to be okay.

Last night, I got word that a dear friend’s fiance was in a BMX bike accident and when he woke up in the hospital, he couldn’t feel his legs.  He is awaiting vertebrae surgery, but the doctors are not making any promises.  She asked friends and family for prayers, positive thoughts, good juju or anything you might believe in to be said for her broken fiance.  We are still waiting.  (Sorry if you feel like Debbie Downer and I are one in the same. )

I feel it’s at this point I should mention, I am not super religious.  I do have a relationship with God. I live my life in a way I think agrees with His core teachings, but I don’t regularly attend church.  Most of the time, I just have mental conversations with God, like you might have with a close aunt or uncle.  I tell Him what’s been going on, ask for some wisdom, even argue about the hard stuff.  Sometimes I get mad, sometimes I don’t understand, but I always try to listen.  It’s in these quiet moments that I am reaffirmed that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason isn’t clear to me. I am also reaffirmed, that prayer is powerful.  Even if your form of prayer is a causal conversation.

“Hey God, it’s Ashley.  How’s it going?  Me? Well, things are pretty good!  I am really happy with my life right now! Thanks for helping me work all that shit out. Opps, sorry God, please excuse my french!  So, I have to ask you a little favor.  You see it’s not for me, it’s for a couple friends of mine.  They could really use your help getting through this tough situation.  They are in the middle of a total shit-storm.  Whoops… well, you know what I mean.  Anyway, if you could just give them some strength, positive energy and vision to see them through all this shi…. I mean… tough stuff, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!  Talk to you soon!”

Taking a turn too sharp.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A bit of gravel in the road.

If I have learned anything from the past few weeks, it is that life is fragile and that every second counts.  Don’t waste any of those precious seconds on unnecessary shit… I mean crap. 

Love with your whole heart.
Be kind to people and never take them for granted.
Enjoy the little things as much as the big things.
Enjoy every day you are alive.  It sure beats the alternative.

Every second is a gift, spend it wisely. 

7 thoughts on “Only Seconds

  1. Your posts are always so true and inspriring. I will be sending positive thoughts to your friend's fiance. Events like those definitely remind you that we need to live life but we need to take care of life too.


  2. Very true- it shouldn't take someone else's misforutunes or nail biting moments for us to be greatful that we are alive, well, and breathing. Thoughts and prayers!


  3. Hi. I'm visiting from Bonnie's. This is a great post and causes a valuable pause. Recently just down the street from where I live, a girl was killed when hit by a truck. The intersection is a very narrow and quiet one, and also one I cross nearly every day. So scary, but so eye opening too. We must appreciate and enjoy the time we are given.



  4. Hey, I;m a new follower!

    Thanks for this post. You never realize when someone can be taken from you in a split second. That's why J and I never go to bed angry. If we fight and haven't made up by bedtime, I always give him a kiss and tell him that I love him. Life is too short and precious to take it for granted. I'm glad your boyfriend and your friends husband are ok. And your friends fiance is in my thoughts.

    <3 Jamie


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