Sing it Beyonce

If I were a boy…
I’d be able to compartmentalize. I’d have things happen in my personal life and not let them affect me at work. I’d be able to focus all day on the task at hand instead of only on the sh*t gone wrong.
If I were a boy…
I’d be able to control my emotions. I wouldn’t cry:
  •  When a commercial is particularly touching
  •  As Willy makes the jump to be free
  •  When Mufasa dies.
  • Through the whole SATC Movie- Carrie gets stood up at the alter, Charlotte finally gets pregnant, Miranda tells Steve “you broke us”, Samantha, Samantha chooses herself. In fact, I probably wouldn’t feel like they are my go to girlfriends or know them at all.
  •  At a song in the car.
  • Whenever I’m really really happy.
  • Anytime someone gets married or pregnant.
  • When I’m sad frustrated, scared, worried… pretty much any emotion.
  • When I laugh really hard.
  • When I am really proud of someone.
  • When someone says they are proud of me.
If I were a boy…
I could focus on just today and this moment, instead of trying to plan ahead for next week, next month, next year and 20 years from now-simultaneously.
If I were a boy…
My memory wouldn’t last so long. I might be able to forgive AND forget.
If I were a boy…
I wouldn’t need to discuss everything in my head. I wouldn’t need validation for my feelings . I wouldn’t need attention when I am down. I would only want to talk about problems that could be solved and I would know my feelings are valid without having to get my significant other, one family member and one of my best friends to weigh in.
If I were a boy…
I’d be able to turn off my mind and turn on the game, crack open a beer and relax. Instead, I have to watch TV, work on my blog, maintain 2-3 text and twitter conversations and cook dinner. Just relaxing makes me feel bleh.
If I were a boy…
I wouldn’t feel insecure about my body. Haircuts would be less expensive and body hair would be acceptable. Personal maintenance would be so cheap!
If I were boy…
Life would be really boring.
I’m proud to say I’m as girl as they come- Emotional, sometimes irrational, needy, obsessive and awesome. I like sitting down to pee, spending an hour to get ready, wearing pretty dresses, crying from joy and that one day I will be able to build a human. Yep, being a girl is pretty awesome and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Sing it Beyonce

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post!!! I was shaking my head thinking “Yep” “Truth” and “Oh to be a guy!” But by the end I was also thinking….you know….emotions and all….I'm happy to be a girl 🙂

    Really, REALLY loved this post 🙂


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