A Few Things

1. I have been thinking about doing a blogger biggest loser, since so many of us are on a quest for health/ sleeker bodies in 2013.  Who’s interested?  I’m looking for a cohost…

2. Half price ads for anyone who books between now and Jan. 1!  Use the code OWIOWIHALF on passionfruit!

3.  Need a blog makeover?  I started doing a little design work.  I have a two week wait right now, but if you send me an inquiry before Jan. 7th I will give you $5 off my already re-donk-u-lous-ly* low prices.

*Redonkulously- (adverb) So darn low that it makes you want to shake your badonkadonk ridiculously because you are saving so much money.  You’re welcome!

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