Make 2013 your B*tch

Happy New Year Loves!!

So lets talk about resolutions real quick, shall we?

I have one, and only one resolution.  I resolve to make 2013 my bitch.  That’s right folks, not only am I starting out the New Year all sassy, but that sass comes with a hearty side of confidence.  2012 was not bad, but it was a year of transition.  I was finding myself.  I moved to a new state.  I got into the whole blogging thing.  I lost love.  I gained a new appreciation for myself.  So 2013 is time for me to be my best self.

Some of you may be thinking, “Ashley, how does one make 2013 their bitch?” Well don’t fret my dears, I am going to tell you!

Step one: Let it go. Any of that proverbial baggage is gone. Leave it on the 2012 train and board 2013 with a fresh slate and a lighter load.

Step two: Stop holding yourself back.  Do the things you are intimidated by.  I really do think you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.  Push your limits (in a healthy way of course) and enjoy the personal growth you gain from it.

Step three:  Your health, both mental and physical, is more important that any other person, job or obligation.  Make time for the gym, eat healthy and give yourself mental breaks.  Don’t feel guilty about this.  Putting yourself first allows you to make the people and things that get second place feel less like an obligation and more like a blessing.  When you are tired grumpy and fat, it’s hard to give anything else the real attention it deserves.  Join us later in January to be part of the Blogger Biggest Loser.

Step four:   Be honest in everything you do. Games and lies are a waste of valuable time. We just have this one chance at life. If you screw up at work, own it. If you aren’t getting enough attention from your man, tell him. If your friend hurt you, be honest about it. I’m not saying be a brat and go around stomping on people’s feelings, but just be authentic.Stop worrying about what other people think and be yourself.

Step five:  Love. If everything you do sprouts from love, your life will yield endless blessings. 

There you have it folks.  My recipe for a kick ass 2013.  Thank you all for making 2012 a monumental year for me.  Being a part of the blogging world has opened up my life to so many wonderful people and great opportunities.  Here’s to each of you.  Cheers! Happy New Year!!

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