What’s your Vegas persona?

Hi loves!  I’m on my way to Vegas to celebrate the bachelorette party of one of my most stylish friends. It only seemed fitting to have one of my most stylish blog friends take over my blog for the day!  Niki, take it away!
Hi everyone!  I’m Niki, and I blog over at Glossy Blonde!  When Ashley asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was SO excited!  I love Ashley!  And then I found out she was going to Vegas, and things got even better.  If you’re new to my blog, one thing that you will quickly learn is that I love me some glitz and glam.  And, well, glitz, glam and Vegas go hand in hand!

So, today I put together a little Vegas-inspired fashion!  I love Vegas fashion because you can really push the edge and take it to a whole new level!  I also love to mix girly and edgy and Vegas is the perfect place to do just that. For the “glamour girl”, I put together a glitzy glam look, complete with gold sequins, red lips, and a touch of edge with a layered ring (I’d also recommend leaving hair down and a little wild)…

Glamour Girl
**Go Shopping**

… and for the girl who prefers leather and a little more spice, I created a “femme fatale” style.

**Go Shopping**

So there you have it!  Some outfit inspiration for Vegas-ready stylistas! Which one is more your Vegas personality??? Feel free to stop on by Glossy Blonde and say hello sometime!  Anyone who is a friend of Ashley’s is fabulous in my book!


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