It Hurts So Good

I have something to admit.I am a recovering addict.  What's my drug of choice? Love.Never has this strange obsession been so perfectly explained as it was in this article.  I happened across it a while ago on my Facebook feed an it really resonated with me. Like the author, I can only confidently say I [...]

Guilty Pleasures

Maybe we feel guilty because of a particular foods calorie count, or maybe we feel guilty because of the strange feeling of excitement one gets, or maybe we feel guilty because we have been conditioned not to enjoy certain things, but no matter who you are, we all have a few guilty pleasures.  Today I [...]

Faith and Religion

Do you ever wonder where thoughts come from?  Those feelings, that feel almost rooted to your heart upon the instant you feel them for the first time?  The thoughts, that while brand new to your brain, feel like they have lived in your soul forever? I wonder about a lot.  I wonder about everything.  I [...]

Year in Review

So 2013 was an awesome year!  Here's a  little recap of the things that happened on my blog in 2013!January: I resolved to make 2013 my bitch,  took a super fun trip to Vegas with my favorite girls and I reflected on 10 years (one of my favorite posts to date).February: Self Magazine commented on [...]