Moments of Style

I love elegance and style.  One might even call me obsessed with it.  Only one problem, it takes a lot of effort to be elegant and stylish all the time, and most days, I hit snooze too many times. Great style is hard to maintain.  I am constantly in awe (via blogs and my super stylish friends) of women who always look fabulous.

Great hair moments are far more common for me than great style moments. I would never consider myself a style blogger because I am not a fashionista.  Now if a friend says, “Hey Ashley, style me”, I can rock that.  I am an excellent friend styler.  But somehow, looking at my own closet, I am perplexed (and exceeding less adventurous since I put on some extra pounds)

Throughout the years, I have had a couple moments of decent style.

However, my best style days don’t begin to rival some of these ladies. Check out these blogs if you ever need a little style inspiration!

You might recognise this lovely lady from a couple of the posts above, She and her BFF Liz both contribute to LLL and it is fabulous, they share elegant style, fun DIY projects and of course everything lovely.

Waking Up To This
Marci is actually an old dance friend, with an adorable blog about the three things she loves most, her family, fashion and hair!  Check out her glam daily style and her fantastic hair tips!

Katie, also an AZ native, has some of the most classy and effortless style I have seen.  She also has great makeup and hair tutorials.  He blog is all about style beauty and of course happiness.  If I looked that gorgeous everyday, it’d be hard not to be running on happiness!

Superficial Girls
I was sold when Carlinn showed me how to make French tip two-toned shoes. She has a fun Cape Town style and lots of great outfit ideas to share.

Julia is probably the most style savvy college student I have ever seen.  This girl rocks heels almost every day!  I love how she plays with color and she really makes hippie chic actually chic.  She has elegance and style out the wazoo! I’m noticing a theme, all these ladies have great hair as well!

Oh My Heart
This Canadian has style! I just found her and I already love her quick posts depicting her own personal style, trends and things she loves!  If you live in colder weather than AZ she has got some style help for you!

Maybe when I shed some pounds and buy a new wardrobe, I will become a style blogger too, but for now, I will survive by living fashionably through these ladies and you can too!

AND… Don’t forget the giveaway closes tonight at midnight!  If you want a chance at an MK lipgloss EDP duo, click here and leave a comment with your email address!

Have a stylish day!

One thought on “Moments of Style

  1. Aw, thank you so much for the little feature! That's so sweet of you! Haha and our summers are super hot, so I'll be ditching my cold weather style in the semi-near future hopefully!! 😉


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