If You Really Knew Me…

First, welcome to any of the new kids that came over from Life of Bon!  In elementary school I was the girl that always showed the new kids around.  Where to find the restroom, the best parts of the playground, the nurses office, library, you know, all the essentials.   Old habits die hard.  Here you will find my Bucket List as well as a 30 before 30 list.  Then of course there I gave you a quick run down of who I am here. I post a lot about silly things I do, inspiring women and other fun things! You can follow me in lots of ways over there on the right too!

Second, I wanted to thank all you wonderful people that stopped by yesterday. I had to work up some nerve to click publish on that one, but boy oh boy am I glad I did. We’ve all got some messy bits and I love the support the blogging world gives to one another. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Today I was going to write about an inspiring woman, but I just didn’t have the time to do all the fact checking and information collecting I usually like to do.  I’ll probably post it a day late (like always).  Instead, I decided to share some more things about me that you probably didn’t know.  I guess I am just into sharing this week. 

Jenni at Story Of My Life, copied her friend Kristen with this post, so I am doing the same.  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right?

If you really knew me…

+ You’d know snakes completely disable me.  I curl into a little ball at the sight of one and typically end up crying.

+ On a similar note, you would know I hate E.T. The movie has always creeped me out and don’t get me started on the ride!  I had a total panic attack.  No phoning home for me.

+You’d know I was born tongue tied.  Basically that means my tongue was attached to the bottom of my mouth with extra tissue making it hard for me to talk correctly , but more importantly I couldn’t stick my tongue out at people.  It was corrected when I was 4.

+You’d know I love to listen to people’s stomach’s gurgle.  I think it’s hilarious.  Last night, the boyfriends stomach was upset, and I told him I spoke fluent stomach and could probably determine the problem.  After a few seconds of intent listening I said, “Oh stomach, you are too funny.”  The boyfriend now thinks I am a lunatic.

+ I think talking animals are the funniest thing in the world.  When Baxter is barking with subtitles in Anchorman, I die, I absolutely die.  Those pictures of animals with their thought make me giggle for hours on end.

+ I get up early enough in the morning to shower, dry off and lay back in bed for at least 20 minutes.  I love the feeling of my sheets after a shower. 

+ You’d know that if there is music on, I am probably wiggling some part of my body.  Usually it is my feet or the ever sexy neck bob.  Sometimes, I am choreographing a whole dance in my head and you might catch a glimpse of a somewhat spastic movement that just escaped my brain all the way to my body. 

+ You’d know I can sleep anywhere in the middle of the day.  I just have to put my mind to it.  At night, it’s a different story.

+ You’d know the sound of the ocean instantly calms me down.  I am so at peace when I can hear the constant repetition of waves.

+ I get distracted easily.  I make a lot of to do lists to keep me on track.  (Just since starting this post, I have been distracted multiple times.  Like 8.

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  Because I like any excuse to celebrate, here is one hell of reason to celebrate today.

It’s 7/11 which means free Slurpee day!  Stop by your nearest 7-11 for a cool drink!

8 thoughts on “If You Really Knew Me…

  1. Lol, I love listening to my husbands stomach gurgle, it is so fun! And I am definitely a list sort of girl, otherwise I get way to scattered. Love this post, girlie 🙂


  2. E.T. also scared me to death! When I was little, I had nightmares about that little alien! Not a fan at all. The stomach gurgle thing made me laugh. Too funny! The closest 7-11 is about 45 minutes away from here 😦 no free slurpee for me.

    New follower! Love your blog! 🙂


  3. This made me laugh so much, especially the animal pictures. Oh and it's ok if your bf thinks you're a lunatic; in fact I kind of think they're supposed to!


  4. love learning little facts about people. getting back in bed for 20 mins after a shower? my saving grace last year.

    and I am jealous there are 7/11s near you I have never gotten to experience free slushie day!


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