Thoughts on a Thursday

Today I am linking up with the fabulous Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup, like I often do on Thursdays and Anna at Everything Nice, for the insta-grid party.  (There are a lot of fun link ups on Thursdays kids.  It is so hard for me to choose just one, then I do multiple posts and bombard you with all my thoughts, so to save us all a little time, I am postponing my already delayed women who inspire post until next week and just writing this one.  Drawn out, unnecessary explanation? Absolutely.)

And away we go…

It’s okay to…
Be a bit of a narcissist.  Isn’t that kind of the cornerstone of our generation? Reality TV, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (which you can totally link to if you want- ha); we like to share and we love to know about everyone and everything.  We post pictures of our face ( but I was having an awesome hair day, so it only felt right to capture it. )

Be pretty annoyed with Viacom for ruining your going to bed TV routine. 
Love watching basketball.  Even women’s basketball.  By the way, WNBA games are great for way more than basketball.  You can people watch, sit fourth row, dance on the court during timeouts, get on the jumbotron, eat free food and maybe even get free tickets. (okay, so that was my experience.)  It was awesome.

That rainy days make the day so much better. (It’s Arizona, we don’t have many)

Pack all your food for the week on Sunday so you have a better chance at eating healthy all week long. 

Be proud of yourself for big and small accomplishments (like finishing your laundry before it is time to do laundry again.)

Love you precious pup even though she jumps in your bed with muddy paws, eats your dinner off the counter and causes you other moments of stress and terror.  She’s still my little angel.

Completely change your life plan to something you know will excite and challenge you.

To get invited to a Suns event, and only go for the free glasses of wine, the meatballs and the chance to sit 2nd row during an interview with Alvin Gentry.  Oh yeah and we got to go out on the court and shoot around.  Most people took that as an opportunity to shoot hoops, we took it as an opportunity for a photo shoot.  Not the same? Just as awesome!

Dress up like an idiot at for work to try to win a spirit contest.  We totally won by the way. 

Love blogging more and more every day because it such a great way to connect with people and find new ways to challenge and inspire yourself. 

Happy Thursday!

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