The Ending Is Gonna Suck, But The Middle Will Be Pretty Great

Beginnings are my favorite. I get so excited at the promise of a new beginning. Beginnings hold endless amounts of adventure. And the right beginning could be the start of something wonderful. I've been waiting for a certain beginning and, if I'm being honest, my patience is wearing thin. I'm waiting for that one special [...]

A Trailblazers Funk

I'm in a little bit of a funk today.  One of those watch sad movies to get all the tears out funks. I let go of a relationship I'd been holding onto.  I gave an ultimatum.  I got the answer or rather nonanswer I expected.  I have some mixed feelings.  A big part of me [...]

More Than A Love Story

Last month I attended my favorite wedding to date.  No offense to anyone else, your weddings were great too, but something about Ryan and Meagan's wedding really moved me.  The kind of love they have for each other is what I hope fills my life one day. Photo Credit: Caleb Cooke PhotographyThis local news coverage really [...]