Only Seconds

Today, I had planned to write about my weekend and my Del Mar races project, but something else has been on my mind, so I want to share. Warning, things might get a little deep- life jacket suggested. Everything about your life can change in a second.  One single second. That second can be the [...]

Infinite Possibilities

I may have mentioned before that I am often inspired to reevaluate something in my life after seeing a movie or listening to a great song.  Today I was inspired by the most unlikely of movies because of infinite possible futures.  Let me explain...Here we are ringing in 2011One of my dearest friends, Meggan, and [...]

Women That Inspire- Part Five

Well we have almost reached the end of my week of female inspiration. Don’t worry, tomorrow I will be posting about a women that inspires me… I better start writing huh?  Today Elisa has agreed to be my guest. Elisa writes Fulfilling A Ubiquitous Need, a blog about the life and times of a twenty-something. [...]

“I Want To Be Dressed And Ready For It”

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs. I've mentioned it before,  Katie has great tutorials and a keen eye for style. Anyway... she got to do an interview with the fabulous Jeannie Mai of How Do I Look on The Style Network. It was a great interview, but one of Jeannies answers [...]